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Our Users Say “ABSOLUTELY”

We are about to graduate in March 2019. I can't tell you how much your videos have helped me. All the dancers at our soon-to-be club tell us we have learned much faster than most students do. Thank you! -Stacy

Thank you! So good to review especially NOT getting a chance to practice during shut downs! -Carmina

Square Dancing … the Original American Dance

bluballLearn How to Square Dance Online or from These High Definition DVD Videos

bluballUse the Videos to Augment Your Lessons from Your Caller

bluballGood for Beginning Dancers … No Prior Experience Necessary

bluballA Great Review for Experienced Dancers to Tune Up Your Square Dancing Skills

You’ll Learn All These Calls & More …

[Lessons on DVD are in HD video]

How to Square Dance – Lessons on Video

Our Online Square Dance Lessons Have Helped Thousands …

Several years ago, our square dance club created a video tape of square dance calls. Then, we placed the video lessons online, with the intent of helping our own club members.

To our surprise, these videos have become a world-wide resource for learning & reviewing square dance calls. Our Website statistics show that in the first year, these online square dance lesson videos were viewed 61,355 times. At last check, we’ve had 2,459,651 views.

Thanks to your videos, I was able to dance Plus level on Sunday to a national caller, and am feeling so much more confident about attending the Washington DC area square dance festival in March. I had been planning to stick to the Mainstream hall, but now feel like I can go back to Plus without a hitch! Would not have attempted Sunday's dance without the review provided by your club videos! ... Andrea, Waynesboro, PA
I recently joined our local club here in the Ozarks and I'm having a ball. I'm learning how to square dance from your instructions and reviewing from the same. Thank you for doing this and making it easy for a newbie like me to follow. Y'all are wonderful. ... West Plains, MO

We’ve received kudos like these from new & experienced square dancers from around the world, telling us how valuable these videos have been to them in learning square dancing & reviewing the calls.

Right from the Beginning, People Started to Ask ….

What a great service to have online videos, but wouldn't you know, there's someone wondering about more ... 
I was wondering if you have the videos on DVD.

Would it be possible to purchase this video to be used on DVD player to continue learning at home?

My husband & I are enjoying your Online Video Lessons. We are taking Plus lessons and they are very helpful. A friend does not have a computer so she wants to buy a DVD on the Mainstream & Plus calls.

Great teaching videos. Are they available on a DVD?

The Requests Go On and On….

Is it possible to buy a complete DVD of all the lessons?

The answer to that question is NOW …….. YES

You Asked for It … Here It Is … the Easiest Way to Learn How to Square Dance

Our Video Square Dance Lessons Have Been Totally Remastered
for this Brand New 2-Volume DVD Set

bluballLearn How to Square Dance at Your Own Pace

bluballIn the Convenience of Your Own Home

bluballRight from Your Computer or TV Set

how to square dance dvds

Ideal for Both NEW & EXPERIENCED Square Dancers

New Square Dancers…

No Prior Square Dance Experience Required

[Lessons on DVD are in HD video]

Start from Scratch with the Beginning Definitions and Demonstrations

No Prior Dance Experience Required

Learn about Heads & Sides, Positions 1, 2, 3 & 4

Start Out with Easy Calls

Build Your Skills as More Calls are Added

We are having so much fun doing this dancing and have only been doing it for a year, so now we just feel blessed. Thank you, again, for the wonderful, exceptional learning experience from your videos. - Jo & Ed, Portland, OR

I started to learn Square Dancing (class) in 9/2007. Your video helped me to learn easier. I graduate at the end of this month. - Berlin, Germany

Experienced Square Dancers…

Jump to Any Call for Instant Review

[Lessons on DVD are in HD video]

DVD Menus Let You Select Any Mainstream or Plus Call for Instant Playback and Easy Review

Quickly Brush Up after an Absence from Square Dancing

Keep Your Skills Sharp by Reviewing Those Troublesome Calls

Watch Detailed Walk-throughs of All Calls on the Mainstream & Plus Lists

I have not square danced since 1984. I want you to know that I reviewed your videos for mainstream and went to our local square dance club and danced the night away. I am ready to go again. - Denise, Goldsboro, NC
I find that I remember a lot of what I used to know and your videos have been a real help in refreshing my memory. - Judy, Chamblee, GA

Here’s What You’ll Find in this 2-Volume
Square Dance Lessons Video DVD Series

Real Live Dancers … Demonstrate how to square dance – No Stick Figures or Dancing Dots

Detailed Walk-throughs … Two-Couple demonstrations, where necessary, to show full detail of the moves and calls

Zoom In Shots to Show What’s Happing in the Middle of the Square … Nothing is hidden

Instant Call Selection for Easy and Fast Review … Just Highlight Your Selection and “Click” … DVD menues let you jump to any lesson or even a specific call. Instantly, your selection begins to play. You don’t have to wade through hours of video trying to find that one call you want to review.

Volume I – Mainstream DVD

mainstream square dance DVDLesson 1-A Starts Out with the Basics of How to Square Dance: defines “heads” & “sides”. Beginning dancers start with this DVD.

Simple Calls are introduced: circle left/right, do sa do, forward & back, promenade.

15 lessons Cover the Entire Mainstream Call List: lesson by lesson, additional calls are introduced according to the caller’s lesson plan, until all mainstream calls have been covered.

Easy Access to Lessons & Calls: the Lesson Index & Call Index let you jump to any area of the DVD for easy review.

Volume II – Plus DVD

plus level square dance dvd9 Lessons Cover the Entire Plus List of Calls: Calls are introduced according to the caller’s proven lesson plan.

Two-Couple Demonstrations and Zoom-in Center Shots Reveal Every Detail of multi-step calls.

Maximum Enjoyment — Maximum Opportunity: Plus-level square dancing is where most square dancers have the most fun. Mastering the Plus list of calls will open up a lot more doors for you. Most clubs and festivals feature Plus level dancing.

Easy Access to Lessons & Calls: the Lesson Index & Call Index let you jump to any area of the DVD for easy review.

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Our Promise to You … It’s Guaranteed

Let us introduce ourselves. We’re Leigh & Richard Beaty. Obviously, we are square dancers. We also produced these square dance lesson videos, with the enthusiastic support & cooperation of our caller, Larry Kraber, and our square dance club.

We love square dancing, and we want to make sure that everyone who has an interest has a chance to learn how to square dance like we did. To remove any hesitation you might have about purchasing these DVDs, we make this personal guarantee to you.

Try them out risk-free. If for any reason you’re not totally satisfied, just return them to us postage paid within 30 days, and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price (less shipping charges, if any). That’s our personal promise to you, from one square dancer to another.


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About the Caller / Instructor, Larry Kraber

Message from the Caller…

[Lessons on DVD are in HD video]

Tcaller teaches how to square dance on these videoshe caller and instructor for these square dance lesson videos is Larry Kraber. He and his wife, Bonnie, founded our square dance club in Tucson, Arizona 25 years ago. They built it up from nothing but an idea to a club membership approaching 200 dancers.

Over the years, over 1,000 people have attended Larry’s square dance lessons. Video has been an important part of his teaching strategy almost from the beginning.

He encourages his square dance class members to view each lesson on video before attending class; then go home and review it again after the class. Each week he adds another lesson consisting of from 3 to 7 calls. Each week’s video lesson covers the same calls he will teach in class.

The sequence of calls and square dance moves taught in these how to square dance video lessons is Larry’s original lesson plan. He teaches calls in a sequence that allows new dancers to start to do simple square dances right away. Each subsequent lesson adds new calls and builds upon the experience of the previous lessons. Soon, even beginning square dancers are “swinging” and “do sa do-ing” and …….. LAUGHING!

The combination of repetitive exposure to the calls through video demonstration, dance floor experience, and of course, Larry’s talent for teaching square dancing, has made him a favorite caller among square dancers throughout Arizona.

All the lessons in these square dance video DVDs were created and called by Larry Kraber. Twenty members of our square dance club volunteered their time to demonstrate the calls for you.

To Sum It Up …

With These Completely Remastered Square Dance Lesson Video DVDs
with Caller Larry Kraber

You Can:

bluballLearn how to square dance at Your Own Pace

bluballIn the Convenience of Your Own Home

bluballRight from Your Own Computer or TV Set

Beginning Dancers Benefit:

bluballThe Videos Assume No Prior Square Dance Experience

bluballYou Follow the Caller’s Structured Teaching Program from the “Lesson Index” DVD Menu

bluballThe Early Lessons Start Off with Easy Calls and Build Skills as More and More Calls are Added

Experienced Dancers Benefit:

bluballEasily Brush Up after an Absence from Square Dancing

bluballReview Calls that Occasionally Cause You Problems

bluballThe “Call Index” Lets You Jump Immediately to Any Mainstream or Plus Call for a Detailed

Money-Back Guarantee:

bluballTry it Risk-Free for 30 Days. We’ll Refund Your Full Purchase Price if You Are Not 100% Satisfied

Free Shipping:

bluballWe Pay the Shipping for All 2-Volume (Mainstream & Plus) DVD Set Orders Shipped within the U.S.

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More Sneak Peeks

From Volume I – Mainstream

[Lessons on DVD are in HD video]

From Volume II – Plus


[Lessons on DVD are in HD video]

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