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8 Chain 4/Thru M15
Acey Deucey P1
Alamo Style Wave M11
All 8 Spin the Top P9
All Around your Left Hand Lady (Corner) M4
Allemande Left M1b
Allemande Thar M10
Back Track M4
Bend the Line M4
Box the Gnat M3
California Twirl M1c
Cast Off 3/4 M14
Centers In/Out M13
Chain Down the Line M11
Chase Right P8
Circle Left/Right M1a
Circle to a Line M4
Circulates (Column, Box, Split, 1 1/2) M11
Circulates (Ends, Centers, Couples, All 8) M8
Cloverleaf M13
Coordinate P4
Couples Hinge M13
Couples Trade M13
Courtesy Turn M3
Cross Fire P4
Cross Fold M13
Cross Run M12
Cut the Diamond P2
Designate Heads, Sides (1,2,3,4) M1a
Diamond Circulate (Normal/Facing) P2
Dive Thru M7
Dixie Grand P9
Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave M14
Do Paso M10
Do Sa Do M1a
Double Pass Thru M13
Explode (& Anything) P7
Explode the Wave P7
Extend M7
Fan the Top P1
Ferris Wheel M8
Flip the Diamond P2
Flutter Wheel M9
Folds M13
Follow Your Neighbor (& Spread) P7
Forward & Back M1a
Grand Square M2
Grand Swing Thru P2
Half Sashay M2
Half Tag the Line M15
Ladies Chain (Heads, Sides, 3/4, All) M3
Ladies In, Men Sashay M2
Ladies/Gents Promenade M6
Lead Right M4
Left Square Thru M14
Left Swing Thru M12
Linear Cycle P3
Load the Boat P3
Ocean Wave M7
Partner Trade M1c
Pass the Ocean M7
Pass Thru M1c
Pass to the Center M14
Peel Off P3
Peel the Top P9
Ping Pong Circulate P1
Promenade 1/2 M1a
Promenade Full / 3/4 M2
Recycle M15
Relay the Deucey P6
Reverse Flutter Wheel M9
Right & Left Grand M1b
Right & Left Thru M3
Roll - (Anything) and Roll P4
Roll Away with a Half Sashay M2
Run (Boys, Girls, Centers, Ends) M7
Scoot Back M9
See Saw M4
Separate M12
Shoot the Star M10
Single Circle to an Ocean Wave P5
Single File Promenade M1a
Single Hinge M12
Slide Thru M5
Slip the Clutch M10
Spin Chain & Exchange the Gears P8
Spin Chain the Gears P5
Spin Chain Thru M15
Spin the Top M11
Split the Outside Couple M13
Spread - (Anything) and Spread P3
Square Thru (2,3,4) M5
Star Left/Right M1b
Star Promenade M1c
Star Thru M5
Sweep a Quarter M11
Swing Thru M7
Swing, Promenade M1a
Tag - 3/4 Tag the Line P8
Tag the Line M15
Tea Cup Chain P1
Thar M10
Touch a Quarter M9
Track II P5
Trade By M12
Trade the Wave P6
Trades (Boys, Girls, Ends, Centers) M7
Turn Thru (Right Hand Turn) M1b
U Turn Back M1c
Veer Left/Right M6
Walk & Dodge M14
Wave Balance M11
Weave the Ring M1b
Wheel & Deal (Line of 4) M12
Wheel & Deal (Two Faced Line) M6
Wheel Around M5
Wrong Way Grand M3
Wrong Way Thar M10
Zoom M8


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